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The return of investment


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Investment info

Since SwissCash is an offshore investment, they are tax-free investment. Therefore, you can get more returns!

Maximize your returns by investing with SwissCash. Start invest today!

the gateway to financial freedom

Amount of returns : 10% for the first three months, 15% for the next three, 20% for the next three, 25% for the next three, and 30% for the last three months.

Frequency of payments; every 30 days. Number of payments; 15 times. Total returns; 300% in 15 months.

You will get guaranteed fixed return 300% in 15 months from your invesment. The returns will be distributed every 30 days.

Meaning that, you will get your returns every month! Not to wait until the maturity of the investment such as unit trust or other mutual funds.

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