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Welcome Future Millionaires!



Thinking of long term investment program? Now you have found it! Real Offshore Investment Company Offering 300% Return within 15 months!

Have the option to withdraw return every month or compounding option. Swiss Mutual Fund is located in the Commonwealth of Dominica, First Class Financial Centre.



On this page I am going to show you...

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How you can at least TRIPLE your money in 15 month with SwissCash even you are not doing anything at all.

- It is guaranteed by Swiss Mutual Fund (1948)


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How you can collect your Money every single month with SwissCash and pay YOUR monthly expenses like housing loan, credit card, car loan...

- and all other loan because SwissCash will pay for you...


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How you can collect BIG commision for every friend you recommend with SwissCash

- and make more than 300% return on your investment


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How you can collect non-stop residual income from SwissCash for at least 15 month... Every month

- You wake up in the morning and see SMS notification that you are receive money from SwissCash... Every day


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How you can collect a BIG UNLIMITED passive income from SwissCash member who makes sale for you...

- the real passive income that makes 'Mr A' on track to be SwissCash millionaire in just 1 YEAR

PLUS Tons More...




Sample payment made by SwissCash (Swiss Mutual Fund) :


Payment to Indonesia



Payment to Singapore



Payment to Malaysia



Introducing a new SwissCash - Gateway To Financial Freedom
by Swiss Mutual Fund (1948)


Financial Facility - Started in April 2005

Target Global Investors - Investment of $10K - $100K usd

Average Return - 20% per calendar month

Built $78 Million usd fund within 6 months of global launching

Chief Financial Officer - Michael Mansfield


SwissCash is the ultimate global financial facility of the current financial market. SwissCash is a new fund by Swiss Mutual Fund (1948), a 60 year Investment trademark with solid reputation.

For more information about Swiss Mutual Fund, please visit here . The SwissCash objective is to make ordinary people SwissCash Millionaires. If you want to invest in Swiss Mutual Fund directly, your minimum investment is $2,000,000 usd but with SwissCash, it's only $100 usd minimum. Think about it.

The SwissCash philosophy is based on a Guaranteed Fixed Return, you will know when you will receive your investment returns.Total investment in SwissCash financial facility by global investors as of Sept 2005 is $27.2 Million usd and is targeted to grow to $3 Billion usd by 2010.

For nearly 60 years, Swiss Mutual Fund has been helping corporations achieve their unique financial goals, it's now time to help individual investors achieve the same. SwissCash Vision by 2010

Do you believe in the word diversify? While you still can make money with other affiliate or autosurf for cash programs, you should think about investing part of your profits with SwissCash and start making more money. With the recent downfall of the autosurf industry, it's time to change.

Can you make money with SwissCash? Yes, of course, everyone can! One of my upline earned at least $40,000 usd every month with group sales over $2 Million usd and is now driving a brand new BMW 5 Series. So what are you waiting for? This is not HYIP ( High Yield Investment Program ). With SwissCash, you do not need to surf daily. Just logon when you want to withdraw or re-invest.

You don't need to have $10,000 usd to invest, you can start with only $130 usd and then invest again in $100 usd increments whenever you wish. It's really easy as you simply wire transfer/TT your funds to the company. You can also contact me for cash exchange services. Get my contact at the bottom of this page.

Remember, with SwissCash, you can still Make Money for Doing Nothing or Make More Money for Doing Something. Continue reading for more information.



 Why I MUST join SwissCash?








SwissCash is Creating Extra Ordinary Incomes for Ordinary People



 How To Make Money

 How do you profit from this secure investment? There are 4 ways to make profits.
For more details, please visit company website here



Part 1. SwissCash Investment Plan (SIP)

Status: Investor
Min investment: $100 (plus $30 for activation)
Max Investment: $100,000
Returns: 10% on first three months, 15% on next three, 20% on next three, 25% on next three and 30% on last three
Referral: Not required (potential received spillover)
Payment: Monthly
Expiry: 15 months
Note: You can re-invest anytime or before expiration date. Each investment expires in 15 months. Remember, you still make money without referring anyone.


 Do you have unsettle debt like credit cards debt, housing load and other debt?

Then I can teach you

How to settle your debt in just 15 month by paying 33% of your total debt..

--WARNING...this method has been tried by me and I have been penaltied by my local bank due to I manage to settle my debt earlier from loan agreement.


Do you have credit card debt..or any other debt that is unsettle even after 5 years...

Here is why?

For example I have credit card debt amount $10,000...

I have to pay minimum payment of $500 to pay the credit card every month. It will takes me 4 years to finished it...

and total amount paid is not $10,000 it is $22, do the math...

NOW...if I keep $3400 in swisscash and receiving 300% return on money will grow to $3400x3 = $10,200

With my monthly dividen that i received from swisscash this will enable me to pay my debt.... in just 15 month.. is up to you to pay your debt with $22,000 or just $ are the wise man...

Actually this is how money work. In swisscash your money work really hard for you. Even while you sleep...


If you think 300% is not enough or 15 month is too long...



Part 2 – SwissCash Affiliate Program (SAP)

Status: Swiss Financial Planner
Min investment: $1000 (plus $30 for activation)
Max Investment: $100,000
Returns: 10% on first referral investment
Referral: required (potential creating spillover)
Payment: instantly
Expiry: 15 months
Note: You can start with $100 and invest again by $100 increments until you accumulate $1000 to become a Swiss Financial Planner and become qualified for SIP, SAP, SRP & SFP. Re-investment will extend expiration date and maintain your status.



Part 3 - SwissCash Revenue Program (SRP)

Status: Swiss Financial Planner
Min investment: $1000 (plus $30 for activation)
Max Investment: $100,000
Returns: 10% every time referral receives and/or re-invests from dividends forever
Referral: required (potential creating spillover)
Payment: instantly
Expiry: 15 months
Note: Qualified for SIP, SAP, SRP & SFP. Re-invest to extend expiration date and maintain your status.



Part 4 – SwissCash Financial Plan (SFP)

Status: Swiss Financial Consultant
Min investment: $1000 (plus $30 for activation)
Max Investment: $100,000
Returns: matching bonus up to $1000 for each $10,000 on Left and Right Group Total Sales
Referral: no need, your group grows (potential to become Swiss millionaire)
Payment: 5th of next month
Expiry: 15 months
Note: Qualified for SIP, SAP, SRP & SFP. Now you can retired and watch your money work hard for you. Re-invest to extend expiration date and maintain your status.



Here is an example

Example: You invest $1000 and you are automatically qualified for SIP, SAP, SRP & SFP. Then you refer Joe, who invests $1000. You earn SAP 10% ($100) immediately. Next month, you receive SIP 10% ($100) and Joe receives SIP 10% ($100). You also automatically receive SRP 10% ($10) from Joe's SIP. When Joe re-invests his SIP, you receive another SRP 10% ($10).

So, every time Joe receives SIP, you receive SRP 10%. Every time Joe re-invests his SIP, you receive SRP 10%. Imagine if you refer 10 people this month. You will receive at least 10 or multiple SRP's every month as long as your referral is still active.

Remember, you still receive your SIP according to the 15 month plan above.


I haven't mentioned the SFP yet, which is a Matching Bonus from your group sales. You will receive up to $1000 for every $10,000 matching bonus for the month.

Do the calculation and you can become a SwissCash Millionaire !!!


We're making money with SwissCash, what about you ?
Take this opportunity, do it now...


“Remember ! You can withdraw your money every months if your profit up to 500 e-point monthly or just keep it for earning 0.1% daily interest”



How To Sign Up/Join?


click here


How to fund/withdraw/invest?


SwissCash uses e-points as its e-currency


1 e-point = 1 usd


Standard procedure:
To Fund: Wire transfer/TT to SwissCash's bank

(standard fees: contact local bank)

To Withdraw: SwissCash will Wire transfer/TT to your local bank (standard fees: $20 usd)


Another option:
Cash Exchange Services:
Contact me below for services.
I will arrange to transfer e-points for you to invest.


Investment Procedure:
Login to your SwissCash member area, click Activation ($30 usd) and Start to Invest.





Swisscash E-book





The Secret of High Returns of Swiss Mutual Fund (1948)



Days After the start of SwissCash, an on-line investment subsector of 60 years old Swiss Mutual Fund (1948), SwissCash is being accepted as the most reliable and problem free program over the Internet.


When Swiss Mutual Fund 1948 was inaugurated in 1948 in Switzerland, Europe was under reconstruction from the World War 11 and the IMF and the World Bank, etc approved various incentives and privillages to large investors of the mutual funds in Europe in order to stimulate the European economic recovery, which the American counterparts have never been given.


One of the biggest privillages is, tax. US mutual funds are required to deduct 50% tax on the returns of investment before the investment profits are paid to the investors. This is the main reason why Swiss Mutual Fund moved its domicile  from Swizerland to Cyprus in 1999 and now to Dominica. Another reason is the quality of PORTFOLIO.


SMF has been paying consistently high monthly average returns of the minimum 20% ( for the investments of 2 million USD or higher) for almost 60 years  since 1948.

The Secret of These High Returns can ALSO be attributed to the very selective and diversified distribution of its “portfolios ).  Recently I bought  a copy of the so called “The Perfect Portfolio” which was discovered by  Dr. Harry Markowitz who was given “Nobel Economic Prize” for this unique discovery.  An “instant” comparison between this Nobel Prized “Portfolio” and  that  of Swiss Mutual Fund (1948) shows that the PORTFOLIO of SMF is “more refined” and more diversified. It is very safely concluded that  This is the Real Reason Why  Swiss Mutual Fund(1948)  Is Capable of Sustaining High Returns.


Below  Are Details of Portfolio



Note : “portfolio” of  SMF is the Top Secret and has never been disclosed to the public. The FIGURES for SMF are based on my “GUESS WORK”. Please read also SMF “Risk Management”.


Risk Management


Risk Management is an integral component of SWISS's overall business and investment strategy. Risk within our organization is managed by a combination of position and sector diversification, maximum exposure to individual investment instruments and sectors, hedging, and by working with reliable and financially secure business affiliates and trade counter-parties.




As outlined in the portfolio section on this site our portfolio is broadly diversified therefore limiting the risk. The fund hold's a minimum of 100 different positions at any time split into 15-25 different sectors.


Position Limits


The fund limits its maximum exposure to each individual position to 3 per cent of the portfolio at all times. Since positions are usually hedged the actual risk to the portfolio is less than 3 per cent, however.


Sector Limits


Stock sectors are allocated a maximum of 7 per cent. As with individual positions the sector exposure is hedged decreasing risk for the overall portfolio.


Hedging Techniques


The portfolio, individual stocks and stock sectors are usually hedged through the use of derivatives, mostly futures and options. The use of over-the-counter derivatives is not typical, however, such instruments may be used if traditional hedging techniques are not available. 




In order to limit risk that may arise from illiquidity when entering or exiting positions, the fund only invests in liquid securities and instruments. Positions can be established and exited without the risk that the purchase or sale significantly affects  the price of the underlying investment.



Read More information About SwissCash and Offshore Investment (click the links below)


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Invest your money with SwissCash, and get an average of 20% per month returns. Interest is payable every 30 days -


Monthly Interest



10% 1st   3 month


15% 2nd  3 month


20% 3rd   3 month


25% 4th   3 month


30% 5th   3 month



You don't get your principal back at the end of 15 months but by then you would have earned 300% of your investment. Put in $1,000 usd get back $3,000 usd. You can't get such income from banks/stock market. The more you re-invest your earnings, the higher is your total earnings.


With no re-investment, $10,000 usd will yield $30,000 usd over 15 months. Re-invest the 1st 6 months interest will yield $48,975 usd over 21 months. Re-invest the 1st 12 months interest will yield $106,560 usd over 27 months.


Re-invest all the 15 months interest will yield $166,380 usd over 30 months !!! This means that you earn $156,380 usd profit over 30 months or an average of $5,212 usd per month.


This program operates like your online bank account so you only need to login online whenever you need to check your downlines, invest/reinvest, withdraw your interest payouts, etc. You will receive SMS by your cell phone whenever you have transactions e.g. when you signup, when your monthly interest payment is due, when you get referrals, when your referrals upgrade, etc.


All transactions are done using direct wire transfer. You can also transfer/sell your earnings online to other members instead of requesting wire transfer to your bank account this is faster and easier to invest or withdraw your earnings vs wire/TT money to SwissCash. Minimum investment or reinvestment is just $100 usd.


Test this program with the minimum $100 usd and when you are comfortable with it, invest more. As soon as you have invested/re-invested a total of $1,000 usd, you are eligible to earn referral commissions. I will contact you to guide you along after you have signed up.


Earn 40% Referal Commision


Earn 10% commission on your referrals investments AND monthly payouts ! Say your referral invests $1,000 usd, you get $100 usd immediately. 30 days later you will get 10% of his interest payout or $10 usd; all in you will receive $400 usd from his $1,000 usd investment or 40% ! To earn commissions, you must have a minimum of $1,000 usd invested in SwissCash.


How To Make $1,000 usd Per Month ?


You earn group sales bonus on ALL your downlines investments through unlimited levels ! If you and all your downlines refer just one member per month who invest just $1,000 usd (Let say you have 10 member in your right groups and left groups) you will earn $1,000 usd group sales bonus at the end of month ! This is from each member referring just 1 new member per month ! What if everyone refers 2 or more members per month ? What if everyone invests more than $1,000 usd ?


Don't Have $1,000 usd To Invest ?


You can start with say $800 usd and in 3 months time, you will have earned $240 usd interest to invest another $200 usd to qualify you to earn referral commission. Or you can share an account with say 2 other friends with each coming up with just $300 usd + capital. Later when you have earned a lot, all of you can sign up your own individual account. Each person can have upto 3 accounts in SwissCash.


But Wait... There's More


This program uses the binary system to place downlines, so you can only have 2 members under you on your level 1, 4 on your level 2, 8 on level 3, etc. This means that the earlier you join, the more SPILLOVER (members sponsored by your uplines but placed under you because of the system) you will get. Don't forget that those placed under you by your uplines will also help you build your downlines as ALL their signups will fall under YOU as well ! Eventually you could end up with hundreds of downlines without sponsoring a single member.


Do You Have What It Takes To Be Financially Free


If you are not willing to take the risk, you can never reap the rewards. I'm sure there are a number of times in the past when you would just dump $10,000 usd to buy some hot stocks your friends/colleagues told you is a sure winner. I too have been burnt many times in the past.


Is it not proof enough that this is more secure than the hot tips you get from your friends or colleagues ? Cost just a few hundred dollar to test run it. When you see that it runs like clockwork, then invest up to $1,000 usd, promote a bit to your friends, colleagues and others and be ready to earn a HIGH FIVE FIGURE INCOME in 9-12 months ! Promoting your SwissCash business to others is cheap and easy.


Take the first step to financial freedom by signing up NOW


One last point is that this is classified as foreign income so it is income tax exempted !



Join Our Team SwissCash Investment
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