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He can be considered as one of the first SwissCash investor in Malaysia and also the one who is responsible to spread this opportunity to the Malaysians. He invested with SwissCash June last year and very active promoting SwissCash.


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Investment tips

Before you invest in any investment program, you must understand that all investment, there is a risk involved .

Never invest more than you can afford to lose! This rule is true for all investments, whether it be Mutual Funds, HYIPs, or even offline stocks. Funds you need to live should rather be saved in a savings account.

So, diversify your investment to minimize the risk. Bear in mind, no risk, no gain...

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Mr. Amir Hassan

"the only courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one moment to the next"

- Mignon McLaughlin

He is a great leader and a very nice man. He is hardwoking, a risk taker, a man with dignity and persistency. He's humble, and he's rich. I can tell he is a millionaire now. Sometimes it's hard to believe that this man earns 6 figures income every month without fail. SwissCash is really a next big thing!